History of Zellhof until 1970 

Zellhof originally was a peninsula in the Trumer sea. A settlement was founded during the Bronze age (the ringed wall can still be seen in the Zellhof forest). Celts, Batavians and Romans have occupied the site during the course of history.

In the area of the three lakes - Mattsee, Trumersee and Grabensee - a cloister was founded in the year 770 by the Duke Tassilo III.

From 1697 onwards the small Zellhof church developed  into a place of pilgrimage called “Maria Zellhof”, due to the statue of the Holy Virgin and the curative Spring “Gnadenbrundl” at the Grabensee.

 An inn with the name “Gasthof Zellhof” was founded and became a welcome place to stop for the homeward-bound pilgrims.

1890:  The roof of the Herrenhaus burned down, and in 1891 the house was rebuilt into its present form.

Until 1939: "Gasthof Zellhof" and farming. 

1939: Takeover of the Zellhof estate by missionaries.

1946: Founding of the home for young people with social problems.

1955: The cow shed and barn, both over 100 years old, burn down.

1955: Building of the road around the lakes.

1960: Building of the furniture factory (Tischlerei).

1965: The Austrian Army rents a part of the Zellhof

1965: Takeover of the agricultural activities at Zellhof by the Wimmer family.