History of Zellhof from 1970 

1970 The old scout guild of Salzburg 9 becomes partner tenant and takes over the house “Stöckl”. First renovation works in the Stöckl.
1972 The regional council of the Salzburg scouts steps in as full tenant for the complete estate
1973 Takeover of the entire Zellhof estate excluding the farm. 
Campsite expansion
1974 Renovation of the LeitenMühle in the Werfenweng
Installation of the toilets and washing facilities in the Roßstall
1975 Connection to the sewage system and the water cleaning installation
1977 Relief initiative for the earthquake-hit area of Friaul.
Salzburg regional camp (“SALALA 77”)
1979 Renovation of the water pipelines– 1st part
Expansion of the Herrenhaus with showers, toilets and sick rooms
International Camp “Begegnung 1979”
1980 Installation of the central heating system in the Herrenhaus
Organisation of relief deliveries to Poland
1981 Expansion, maintenance and supervision of the youth hostel in the Hohenwerfen Castle (until 1991)
1982 Relief initiatives for the earthquake hit areas in southern Italy
1983 Renovation of the water pipelines – 2nd part
International hiking camp “Begegnung 1983”
1984 Co-development of the European Camp Staff Program
Co-Development of “Where to stay in Europe”
1987 Salzburg Regional Camp Pingza – Zellhof organizes the Technical Team
1991 Building of the Waschhaus
Entrance into the European Scout Center Network
1992 New boat pier 
Help with relief transports to Rumania
1993 Taking up and integration of 31 Bosnian refugees
1994 UNHCR prize-holder
International Hiking Camp “Begegnung 94”
1995 UNHCR prize-holder
Takeover and adaption of the Tischlerei
Organisation of relief deliveries to Bosnia
1996 UNHCR prize-holder
1999 Renovation of the sanitary facilities in the "Rossstall"
Foundation of the Zellhof Friends/Support Association in Austria
2000 Foundation of the Zellhof Friends/Support Association in Germany
 30 Years Zellhof Jubilee festival
2002 International Hiking Camp “Begegnung 2002”
2003 Foundation of the Association "Pfadfinderdorf Zellhof"
2004 Renovation of house "Stöckl"
Water tank replacement
2005 Beginning of renovation of house "Saustall"
2006 Membership Goose Network
2007 Renovation of house "Saustall" completed
2009 Installation of new heating system
2010 Renovation of the sanitary facilities in the "Herrenhaus" 
  40th anniversary of Pfadfinderdorf Zellhof 
2012 Renewal of the shingles on Rossstall 
  Replacement of the sewer
2013 Roof renovation Herrenhaus
  Official appointment as SCENES Centre by WOSM
2014 Roof renovation Stöckl
2015 Renovation dorm rooms Stöckl
  Renovation of flying roof's roof and back wall
  Accommodation of four refugee families in the house "Stöckl"