What is the "Friends of Zellhof"?

           The Friends of Zellhof was founded in 1999 by Zellhof team members with the aim to support Scout Village Zellhof
           At present the Friends of Zellhof are active active in Germany and Austria

How is support given?

           Through the membership fee
Through donated items and the organization of the flea market.
Work on the campsite (renovations etc.).
Organization of Workshops, Seminars, etc.. 

What types of membership are there?

           Ordinary membership with passive and active voting right ( 25 a year )
Development membership (from 75 a year)
Extraordinary membership and Honorary membership

What are the long term aims of Friends of Zellhof?

                 Maintaining Zellhof in its present structure
Financing a warden

Enquiries about Friends of Zelllhof by E-mail to: zellhof@zellhof.at